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Simoun - General Series - 095. Fantasy

Title: The Ghost That Lives Forever In Your Heart
Fandom: Simoun
Characters: Rodoreamon, Mamiina
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1807
Prompts/Tables: 095. Fantasy; table here.
Summary: Rodoreamon will always keep Mamiina with her. In fact, she is having a late-night conversation with Mamiina right now.

( If Mamiina were alive, things would be better. Rodoreamon knows this is true. )
Title: They Are Only Arbitrary Distinctions
Author: Dauthi
Fandom: Simoun
Characters: Paraietta
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 639
Prompt: #50. Precious (2/100)
Summary: Paraietta reflects on love and on choice.
Author's Notes: Overly melancholic and slightly abstract. This is more a train-of-thought on how Simulacrum is probably homophobic, using Paraietta as an outlet, more than a real fic with a plot. Heh.

( Her life is surely not what her teenaged self envisioned: a solitary spinster with a bevy of abandoned children moving deeper and deeper into the isolation of the Plumbum mountains, in search of safety and salvation. )

On a different note, mods, d'you think we could laxen the word length requirement so that it doesn't have to be 500 words? =DDDD

[Simoun] Ribbon

Title: Ribbon
Fandom: Simoun
Characters: Anubitue, Guragie
Prompt: #1: Beginnings (1/100)
Word Count: 528
Rating: G
Summary: Anubitue was waiting with a ribbon for Guragie.
Author's Notes: This was actually done for someone's drabble request, but then it turned out to be like 300-ish words, so I was like, why not flesh it out a bit and make it over 500 words. Yeah. I'll probably write longer ones in the future.

Link: my livejournal
Title: To Those Who Wait
Fandom: Mai-HiME
Characters: Shizuru x Natsuki.
Prompt: 023. Forgotten (5/100)
Word Count: 1675
Rating: G
Summary: Natsuki is feeling a little down, and schoolwork is riding down on her. There are so many small things forgotten; could one of them actually help her?
Author's Notes: Fluff, oh yes. This was actually in my fic graveyard (and was initially intended for this prompt, yes), but I drug it out and simply tweaked the last few lines of what was originally written, and so now it's complete after all. This piece was going to be longer, I guess, but after coming back to it, I thought it actually sounded just fine as it was, so here I am to post it. Short and jilted to most, I'm sure, but please enjoy it anyway.

To Those Who WaitCollapse )

[ mod post ]

Are you all getting tired of the mod posts in a row? I know that I am. :P

This is a general announcement, that in order to try to spur more activity, we will open claims for Games also. So spread the word to all your TifaAeris(/th) author friends... or your PeneloFran friends... or or... well crap. Any old girl-girl pairing would do. You all know this. I'm just letting my inner fangirl show. ;D

Looking forward to seeing some more claims made and submissions posted!!

[ mod post ]

In a sort of proverbial "up-yours" to 6A/LJ, this community's interests were edited to reflect relevant interests.

All entries have been backed up. Just in case.

That's all.


[ mod post ]

Okay, so LITTLE slow on the draw this week. Greatest apologies.

All persons who did not respond to the "call-to-arms" were struck from the claims list. (Here.) Their posts have remained in tact for now, and will stay as such until one of a few things happens:

1) I get tired of looking at them and remove them.
2) The person comes back and says they still want their claim.
3) Cows fly.

Those come in no particular order, despite their construct. Really.

However posting access for these members HAS been removed. So they'll have to poke a mod if they want it back and need to be added back to the claims list.

In general, Rules page was edited and cleaned up. One major change: you may now claim a live action series IF it is based upon an anime or manga. (Me and my fangirl dreams of PGSM, dammit...)

Secondly, added official information regarding claim lossage (inactivity, blatant ignoring of posts like the one made that started this mess, etc). Mostly, even if you don't have the inspiration to write, just make sure you can at least look at the community about once a month for mod posts. I'm not likely to start rounds like this unless we're getting stagnant, anyway. (Just to emphasize...)

The specification of rules regarding claim stagnation is for this reason: if you want to be a part of the community and do it for the community, then you deserve your claim. A simple response to posts regarding it will keep the community more active, in theory. If it's simply a personal challenge, you can do that for your own, without blocking someone else who wants to actually own the claim here and at least be sociable about it.

If there are any comments or concerns about these new changes, please let me know. Also, if anyone has some good ideas for advertising and such, please also indicate this!

And I still need your change, nemesisjk8. ;3


[ mod post ]

Okay kids, time's a ticking!

This is a reminder post; if you have not yet commented and you are still interested in keeping your claim, please visit HERE.


Thank you!!

(PS nemesisjk8... I need to know what you want your new claim to be. :p)


[ mod post ]

Okay, so I (your friendly neighborhood mod) happened to be poking around in the user list and noticed a few things.

1) At least one person has deleted the journal they were designing to post with.

2) There are quite a few people who have not posted for their claims whatsoever.

This, I think, calls for a little pruning. I understand (no really, I do) that life's busy, and we do mean it when we say there's no time restrictions. However, in the interest of keeping this community from stagnating entirely, this post is composed of two simple requests.

Firstly, I'm requesting that all users that already have claims to please check in via comments to at least indicate that they are still interested in their claim. I'll pencil in a deadline for this to be March 31st. If there's no response, we'll have to assume that you're no longer interested in that claim, and will remove you.

Secondly, to add a breath of life to this community, I'm asking everyone who reads this to please go ahead and try pimping out this community to your friends. Anyone you think might be interested. The best way to get more fics is to get those that are willing to write for challenges know! So even if you're not here for a claim, and just want to read, be sure you let people know about us.


Title: Inescapable
Fandom: Mai-HiME
Character(s): Yukino. (Kind of Haruka, and Shizuru in the mix. Not really coupling.)
Prompt: 068. Consume (4/100)
Word Count: 745
Rating: PG
Summary: Yukino's thoughts for the end of, and after the Carnival. Pretty dark and gloomy. Angst. Also intentionally vague in most places.
Author's Notes: Beta-less... This came to me in the span of about an hour. Edited and tweaked for another half an hour. I was just looking at this community and felt badly that nothing had been published recently. And it's my community, so naturally that felt even more wrong. It's not to say that I haven't several of the prompts for my claim started, but they're finishing at terribly slow rates. So I guess this piece was more to prove to myself that I can just punch something out like this, and maybe bring some more life back. Reading new things always helps in jump starting the mind, I always think... But enough rambling. Fic on~

InescapableCollapse )


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